Waking from a dream,
People passing by unaware.
Traces reminding me I lived it.
Few friends kept, saying it was real.
Photographs recovered,
Revealing a time of amazement and wonder
in a world unknown to me.
I was there reveling in my own existence.
I found myself there;
A part of me I thought long lost.
I loved life in a way I never thought possible.
My heart aches,
Yearning for where I now call home.
I refuse to let go of who I found.
Each day I breathe again,
Reminding myself "this is me".
I smile brighter than before,
and I sing.
I sing the song of life
I thought I'd forgotten.
I'm loving myself
and all the beauty around me.
One day I will return to that dream,
I'll smile, standing where it began.
The start of my discovery,
The place I found my perspective.
I will live my life for me.